What we do

EIFL library consortia members (left) discuss issues and share knowledge with EIFL consortium management staff (right) at the EIFL General Assembly.
EIFL library consortia members (left) discuss issues and share knowledge with EIFL consortium management staff (right) at the EIFL General Assembly.

EIFL partners with libraries and library consortia, as we believe that this is the most sustainable way to improve access to knowledge.

Library consortia are groups of libraries that share common goals, and that can speak with one voice to policymakers and funders. They typically include university, research and public libraries, and other institutions. Library consortia can also share resources and activities across their member libraries, thereby reaching millions of users efficiently.

EIFL currently works with library consortia in 40 countries in Africa, Asia Pacific and Europe, representing more than 3,000 libraries.



  • We build capacity by organizing training events, developing tools and resources, and providing up-to-date information on issues that affect access to knowledge.
  • We advocate for access to knowledge nationally and internationally.
  • We encourage knowledge sharing through peer-to-peer learning, best practice case studies, our annual conference and cooperation between library consortia.
  • We initiate pilot projects for innovative library services.



EIFL’s programmes, run by a team of dedicated staff and experts, are designed to enable access to knowledge for education, learning, research and sustainable community development.

  • The Licensing Programme negotiates affordable access to e-resources and technology products, and waived and discounted Article Processing Charges for open access publishing. 
  • The Copyright and Libraries Programme advocates for national and international copyright law reform, and supports librarians to become advocates for a fair copyright system.
  • The Open Access Programme removes barriers to knowledge sharing by advocating for the adoption of open access (OA) policies and mandates, and by building the capacity to launch and sustain OA repositories and journals.
  • The Public Library Innovation Programme advances community development by enabling public libraries to implement innovative ideas that use technology to improve people’s lives and livelihoods.

Everything we know about licensing and consortium management we learnt through EIFL. It’s great to be part of the EIFL community, and to be able to share knowledge and ideas with people who are facing the same challenges. It’s also nice to know that support and advice are available if necessary.

Biljana Kosanovic, head of Serbian Library Consortium for Coordinated Acquisition (KOBSON) until 2013



In 2018, EIFL reached more than 8,500,000 people.


In 2018, EIFL partnered with over 3,000 libraries.