Research Assessment: Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
Join this EIFL webinar and discuss new approaches to research assessment and evaluation

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Event Date: 24 Jun 2021

EIFL webinar - join this conversation with Professor Stephen Curry, Assistant Provost for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at Imperial College London, Chair of the Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA) and Dr Buhle Mbambo-Thata, University Librarian of the National University of Lesotho and EIFL Country Coordinator in Lesotho. 

  • Date and time: 24 June 2021, 09:00 GMT.
  • Registration: Please, register here.

And read Stephen Curry’s article co-authored with Anna Hatch: Research Culture: Changing how we evaluate research is difficult, but not impossible. eLife 2020;9:e58654. DOI: