Training of Public Library Trainers in Ghana
EIFL and Ghana Library Authority organize training-of-trainers programme for head librarians from 15 public libraries in Ghana

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Event Date: 19 Aug 2024 - 23 Aug 2024
Accra, Ghana

Regional and district librarians from 15 public libraries in Ghana will participate in a five-day training-of-trainers programme organized by the EIFL Public Library Innovation Programme (EIFL-PLIP) and the Ghana Library Authority (GhLA) as part of the ‘Digital Learning @ Ghana Public Libraries’ project.

The training, conducted by EIFL-PLIP and trainers from Uganda and Ghana, will cover the facilitation of digital learning workshops in libraries and the use of open educational resources. These resources can be used during school outreach and digital learning workshops on topics such as web programming, mobile literacy, and graphic design.

The ‘Digital Learning @ Ghana Public Libraries’ project aims to create educational opportunities for schoolchildren aged 12-18 by advancing their ICT skills and engaging them in digital learning based on free and open educational resources.