A mother-to-be shows a mobile phone with a text messages advising her about what to expect in pregnancy.
Over 90 women received text messages with advice and health tips to guide them through pregnancy, and reminders to visit clinics for check-ups. The messages were sent out by Northern Regional Library, Ghana.

The work of the EIFL Public Library Innovation Programme demonstrates how public libraries can contribute to community health.

In Armenia, Lori Regional Library uses ICT to connect people to their doctors, providing ICT training and free access to computers for online consultations. In Ghana, Northern Regional Library in Tamale partnered with health NGOs to devise and send mobile phone messages focused on maternal health to pregnant women. Kyrgyzstan Libraries Information Consortium launched a ‘No to TB’ campaign through 190 public libraries, mobilizing hundreds of children, teachers, journalists and others to spread messages about TB prevention. In Kaunas, Lithuania, over-60s are flocking to their local library to access online information about healthy lifestyles, and to attend health events, like yoga classes and lectures on health topics.